The results from the analysis allow us to certify that Digestivo LAR-ICE belongs to the Larix Decidua species.

The liquor is characterized by its typical aroma of the essence from which it is extracted with specific shades of α-pinene, β-pinene elements.

Pinene is an organic component common in all coniferous trees and it is where the name ‘pine’ tree comes from.  It has α-pinene, β-pinene as isomers, which can be used to produce balsamic sweets and inhalation suspensions.  The components are quite vaporous as pinene releases a pleasant balsamic aroma when evaporating.

The liquor does not contain any toxic elements.

Gas chromatography plus ionic detectors expose a presence of methanol which are within the legal limits (Val= 0,08 ppm).

Prof. Dr. Massimo Maffei
Director of dell’Unità di Fisiologia Vegetale

Dr. Simone Bossi, PhD
Technical Director