Complex sap, resin and chlorophyll are the organic elements from which the essence, the scent and the colour of our digestive liquor came from and in particular:

The elaborated sap: through the root system of the trees absorbs from the soil, water and minerals, the liquid which is then produced is called rough sap and flows into the needles.
Inside the needles – the chemical lab of the tree – rough sap gets enriched by sugars and other organic elements through the photosynthesis process.  This newly created sap so called complex sap is then distributed through the tree to nourish it.
In the trunk of the tree it is possible to separate the rough sap from the complex sap; the rough sap flows through the veins of “xylem” in the trunk layer called “LEGNO -WOOD” (* pic.), the elaborated sap, instead flows through the veins of “floema”, in the trunk layer called “LIBRO –  BOOK” (*pic.).
It is this complex sap which is our first raw material, giving us our digestive liquor with its unique taste.

The fluid resin is produced by the leaves inside of the floema and in the “CORTECCIA – CORTEX” (*fig.); it contains different organic elements and from it we distil the essential oils.
All essential oils are processed many times before mixing them into liquor.  They are centrifuged and filtered so that we obtain only the “heart of the oil”.  These different processing methods make the oils pure and perfectly soluble into our hydro alcoholic infusion.
This resin gives to our digestive its balsamic and persistent note.

Chlorophyll is contained into chloroplasts, which are inside the leaves (needles) of the tree. Chlorophyll colours all the tissues of the tree that undergo the photosynthesis process.
The chlorophyll gives the colour to our digestive.